Indigo’s Cultural Art Centers is a nonprofit agency that will serve and benefit the community of North Carolina and abroad. In our efforts to raise money, we will host a series of art shows and community events as a way to gain capital. The first of our fundraising strategies are to sell jewelry, artwork, music and other products. This will aid in the development of our agency and assist in the cost of our programmatic structure. We are excited about working with schools, children, youth, families, and community agencies (private and non-profit) offering our products and services.


To serve the broad public interest by performing research, public education, and outreach programs that will develop and inspire the human mind and spirit based on the belief that the human mind and spirit is without limitation.



The goal of our organization is to expose children and youth from low-income families and various backgrounds to educational programs with emphasis in spiritual sciences, social-cultural awareness, and the arts. We hope that these programs will encourage children and youth to become better human beings in society by respecting, relating, and understanding each other’s cultural traditions and differences, in both traditional and contemporary ways, with regard to peace, social justice, democracy, ecological, and human rights concerns, thereby benefiting the community as a whole.